Paul Daugalis  Director
Paul Daugalis  B.Eng (mech) University of South Australia
 Deputy Chairman European Asset Management Committee
 Chairman Lithuanian Technical Maintenance Engineering Association
 1994 to 1999 Project, maintenance and reliability engineering management for oil and gas, mining, rail and utility companies throughout Australia.
 2000 to 2003 Site manager for onshore gas production facility in New Zealand providing integrated engineering services.
 2004 to 2006 Engineering asset services manager across 120 different facilities throughout Oceania, Asia and the Middle East.
 2007 to 2010 Engineering Business Manager, ARMS Engineers, Europe and Middle East
 2011 to 2012 Managing Director of TP Engineering, Lithuania
 2013 to now Norwegian company „Hugaas Engineering“ Director
 Aušra Kukarskienė  Deputy director
Ausra Kukarskiene  Master of management and adminstration, ISM and BI (Norway)
 Master of economics,  Vilnius University
 1982 to 1991 Institute of Physics  Academy of Science.  Engineer-economist,   accounting, manager of patent and certification issues.
 1991 to 1995 Ministry of International Economic Relations and State Tourism Department.  Manager in developing business channels between Lithuania and other countries
 1995 to now Norwegian companies Balticum Management, Inova Baltic, Inova Synergy. Managing director and deputy director responsible for business administration and, coordination  of investment projects